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R. Callander, 500cc J.P. JAP<br />
Bo'ness Speed Hill Climb 23rd June 1962<br />
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Following on from the comment (below) from Alastair at the National Museums of Scotland and further communication with Alastair it is suggested by Alex Brown, an ex- Hillclimb champion, that the year is probably 1962 and the driver of the car would be Bob Callander.<br />
A little bit of the known history, to quote Alastair is:-  "Our car came to us from the Motoring Heritage Centre at Alexandria when it closed down recently and they had acquired it from Lord Doune, who in turn had acquired it in the 1970s from a George Forrest in Glasgow with help from Graham Gould. Prior to that we know nothing about it despite being told that it was the prototype. However, if it was the prototype then it has changed dramatically in body shape from then".